By purchasing Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching with Julie Mann, you agree to the following terms of service.

REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION:  You verify that you are AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD and not suffering from complicating physical or mental health conditions. You also verify that you are not medically underweight or currently suffering from anorexia.

PRICING AND CALL INFORMATION:  You understand that you are purchasing one 45-minute private Zoom call with Julie Mann (plus email follow-up) for the price stated at checkout.  Your coach will provide the Zoom details, as well as a recording of your coaching session after the call. The extent of email follow-up needed is at the discretion of your coach.

COACHING IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL OR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE:  Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching is offered through Brain over Binge Recovery Coaching, LLC and is not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals. Coaching is for educational and personal development purposes only and is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT such as that from a medical doctor, psychiatrist, nutritionist, counselor, therapist, or other qualified mental health practitioner. You are, at all times, responsible for seeking medical advice when appropriate. Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching is NOT A TREATMENT FOR SUICIDE IDEATION, depression, trauma, psychiatric problems, or substance abuse, and DOES NOT PROVIDE CRISIS SUPPORT.

*If you have suicidal thoughts at any time, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

DISCLAIMER: Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching is  OFFERED “AS IS,” WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. You agree that you enter Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching by your own choice with inherent singular responsibility. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL RISKS INVOLVED. You agree to hold Brain over Binge Recovery Coaching, LLC and the owner, coaches, and employees harmless for claims or damages in connection with your use of Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching.  IN NO EVENT SHALL BRAIN OVER BINGE RECOVERY COACHING, LLC BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES resulting from the use of Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching.

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EXTENT OF AGREEMENT:  You understand that the terms, conditions, and disclaimers apply to any and all use of coaching advice and materials, even after termination or cancellation of Brain over Binge 1:1 Coaching.