The Brain over Binge Course is designed to stop bulimia and end binge eating disorder. Explore this free preview to see how.

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This free preview contains:

  • A welcome audio
  • A writing prompts worksheet
  • A tips and advice message
  • A coaching audio
  • 2 Q&A audios

The complete course contains:

  • 8 welcome audios
  • 24 worksheets
  • 12 tips and advice messages
  • 15 coaching audios
  • 84 Q&A audios
  • 8 half-hour audio lessons

It’s great that you are taking another step to help yourself end the binge eating habit. I know that complete freedom is possible for you.

This preview gives you resources from Lesson 1 of the course (plus an extra Q&A audio).
There are 8 lessons in the complete course.  

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Lesson 1: Why You Binge & the Two Recovery Goals

A Sample

Assignment 1: Listen to the Welcome Audio


The Welcome Audio will help prepare you for the lesson so that you can get the most out of it.

Each lesson begins with a Welcome Audio to explain what to expect and to provide some important information and ideas to consider.

You’ll notice a link to a Transcript under this audio.  In the full course, every audio is accompanied by a written transcript (PDF). This will help you if you learn better by reading, or by reading along while listening to the audio.

Assignment 2: Listen to the Audio Lesson


In the complete Course, the Audio Lessons are your fundamental guides for each lesson. Audio Lesson 1 helps you understand why you binge and the importance of the two Recovery Goals:

1. Dismissing Urges to Binge
2. Eating Adequately

Audio length – 33:49

The Audio Lessons are in-depth and teach you the concepts that will help you stop binge eating. All Audio Lessons in the course are approximately 30 minutes each.

If you purchase the complete course, you’ll receive 8 lessons right away.  All of the lessons follow the same format as Lesson 1.

Whether you go through the 8 lessons in several weeks or several months, the course will guide you in a carefully structured way toward a new understanding of your binge eating habit, and show you exactly how to end it.

The first 4 lessons of the course focus on Recovery Goal 1 (Dismissing Urges to Binge), and the second 4 lessons focus on Recovery Goal 2 (Eating Adequately). Here are the topics of each of the 8 course lessons.

Lesson 1: Why You Binge & the Two Recovery Goals

Lesson 2:  Prepare to Dismiss Urges to Binge

Lesson 3:  The Five Components of Dismissing Urges to Binge

Lesson 4:  Extra Help for Dismissing Urges to Binge

Lesson 5:  Prepare to Eat Adequately

Lesson 6:  Adequate Eating Options

Lesson 7:  Extra Help for Adequate Eating

Lesson 8: Stay on a Path to a Binge-Free Life/ Address Weight Issues in a Healthy Way

The Writing Prompts Worksheet allows you to develop your own ideas and insights. You will explore some of the main concepts and determine how to apply them in your life.

Using the Writing Prompts Worksheet allows you to dive deeper into the lesson’s material and make it work for you. In the complete Course, there is one Writing Prompts Worksheet in every lesson, and at least one additional worksheet in the section below.

The complete course has a total of 24 worksheets. You can type directly in the worksheets on your device, or you can print them out.

When you use the Course materials, you will have important realizations and discoveries. If you keep track of your personal insights as you listen to the audios (or any time useful ideas occur to you), those insights are more likely to lead to shifts in your mindset and positive changes in your life.

In addition to the Writing Prompts Worksheet, each lesson contains 1 to 6 extra worksheets (this lesson includes the Insight Journal).  The worksheets are simple, intuitive, and empowering.

Here are some sample worksheet topics from the complete course:

Supplementary Ideas for Dismissing Urges

Urges Dismissed Tracker Worksheet

Planned Eating 

Intuition Based Eating

Keep Adequate Eating & Recovery as Simple as Possible

Tips and Advice from Kathryn

(Topic: Writing Prompts)

In this lesson (and in every lesson of the course), you’ll have a Writing Prompts Worksheet to complete. Typically, the questions on these worksheets ask you to think about what you’ve heard in the Audio Lesson and how it applies to your life. However, in this lesson, the first two questions ask you to dive a little deeper.

I want to discuss these first two questions with you, because there are some important things I want you to keep in mind as you answer them. It’s great if you’ve already completed the worksheet, but you may want to use what I’ll discuss to go back and reflect on what you wrote.

The first questions is:
What are your expectations & goals for the course? What do you hope to get out of it?

As you respond to this writing prompt, I want you to focus on your intention to put binge eating behind you. Setting an intention is powerful—because when you have your intention—then you can set realistic goals and expectations for yourself, and focus on what you need to do to realize those goals.

Even if you don’t meet your goals and expectations, you can refocus on your intention to become binge-free, and determine how to move forward. I never want you to use your goals and expectations as reasons to think you’ve failedif you don’t achieve them. Let me give an example to explain what I mean by this:

You might find yourself wanting to set a goal of “never binge eating again, starting as soon as you start the course.” I do not want to discourage you from thinking that’s possible, because it certainly is possible; however—if you do set a goal like that—never use it as a reason to think you’ve “blown it” if you do binge. Thinking you’ve failed leads to a mindset that is not helpful for recovery.

All you need to do is come back to your intention to be binge free, and you’ll be able to figure out what you can do differently next time, or what you can learn from the experience, or how you will keep practicing and improving.

It’s normal to be disappointed if you do not meet a goal or expectation. Your disappointment shows how much you want to overcome this habit. But, the way to freedom is to keep learning, and keep picking yourself up if you stumble. If you get caught up in self-criticism, it’s going to be harder to get back on track.

If your intention is to end binge eating, you will—even if you don’t meet every one of your goals and expectations along the way. Give yourself permission to be hopeful, but in addition to that, commit to being resilient if the journey isn’t always completely smooth.

The second question is:
As you go through this course and this process, do something you’re probably not used to doing: Have compassion for yourself. Be kind to yourself and accept that this is where you are right now. You’ve done the best you knew how, and now you will learn how to do things differently. No beating yourself up. No name calling. Just compassion for you and where you are. Write about how you will incorporate self-kindness into your recovery and your life:

This relates to what I wrote above, about not slipping into a mindset of self-criticism. You may have the belief that being mean to yourself is a way to motivate yourself to change—but this is not true. People learn best when they are treated with kindness and compassion. You can’t shame yourself into changing, in fact, this will delay your progress and make change more difficult.

You may fear that being kind to yourself means that you are accepting things the way they are, and giving up on change. That is also not true. You can desire change and pursue change, and still be kind to yourself in the process of making that change a reality.

In the complete Course, you’ll receive 12 of these messages from Kathryn to help guide you along the way, and to give you useful ideas and insights. Lessons 1, 3, 5, and 7 contain two Tips and Advice messages, and Lessons 2, 4, 6, and 8 contain one.

The coaching audio supplements the lesson, and helps you stay on track. You can listen to this coaching audio every day, and whenever you need some extra motivation.

Session 1: What is Your Motivation for Dismissing Urges Today?

To end the binge eating habit, you have to want to, so it’s important to start focusing on and growing your desire to recover. This audio will help you zone in on why you want each day to be a binge-free day. Even if you have not yet dismissed a binge urge, you can still focus on why you want to dismiss urges, and that will support your ability to end this habit.

Use the Dismiss the Urge Coaching Audio:

In addition to the regular coaching sessions, you’ll see a special Dismiss the Urge audio at the top of the Coaching Audios page.  I encourage you to use the Dismiss the Urge audio any time you feel like you need extra help avoiding a binge.

Assignment 6: Listen to the Q & A Audios


The Q&A Audios answer common questions that may come up for you as you go through the lesson. Above each audio, you will see an explanation of why the question is included, and some tips for how to best use the Q&A Audio.

In this Free Preview, you have access to the first Q&A Audio below, and an extra one on the Q&A Audios page.

How much focus should I put on recovery?

This audio will explain that recovery does not have to be an all-consuming process.  I want you to live your normal life as much as you can. Because the Course is primarily audio, you can listen as you go about your normal day! Whether or not you upgrade to the complete Course, it’s helpful to spend some time determining how recovery fits into your life.

The following four Q&A’s are available in the full Lesson 1.
There is another free Q&A available for you to listen to on the Q&A Audios page.

Can you explain more about the word “dismiss”? Is it the same as willpower?

I included this question here because it’s very helpful to understand that dismissing a binge urge is not the same as “white-knuckling” through it. If you feel like you are using sheer willpower at this point, it’s okay; but I hope this Q&A audio will help you start shifting your perspective and changing your experience of the urges. 

Audio length – 8:32

What does “don’t diet” mean?

In this lesson’s Welcome Audio and Audio Lesson, you learned how important it is to eat adequately and not diet. It’s understandable that you may be wondering what that means to you. I hope this discussion helps you understand what dieting is and what it is not, so that you can begin eliminating restrictive dieting from your life.

Audio length – 6:44

Should I exercise during recovery? 

In the beginning of the course, it’s common to have questions about what you should eat or how you should exercise. Just like with eating, there is no one right way to exercise (or not exercise); but it is important to think about how you are using exercise and whether it is helpful or harmful to you at this point in time.

Audio length – 9:46

What if I’m taking medication to try to help me stop binge eating?

Even if this question doesn’t seem to apply to you, I encourage you to listen anyway, and I’ll explain why. First, for people who are on some type of medication, I hope this discussion is relevant and beneficial to you. For people who are not, I want you to listen to it and think about anything else you are already doing in recovery that may or may not be helping you. It could be therapy, it could be a way you are eating, it could be a group you are in, it could be some form of holistic treatment.

There is nothing wrong with doing other things along with the course, and you can learn to trust yourself to make decisions (with your doctor or nutritionist if necessary) that are best for you. I included this question here so you can confidently move forward with the course, even if you are utilizing other forms of help, and even if you decide to let go of other forms of help.

Audio length – 6:09

Tips and Advice from Kathryn

(Topic: Insight Journal)

Thank you for using the Free Preview.  I hope you are finding the content helpful so far.

If you feel like the Course may be a good fit for you, but you aren’t ready to commit to all 8 Lessons, know that you can get full access to Lesson 1 with the purchase of the Coaching Audios.

Get the Coaching Audios plus Lesson 1

Get the Complete Course

I hope you’ve benefited from this Free Preview of Lesson 1 (and the additional Q&A audio on the Q&A page).

The complete 8-lesson Brain over Binge Course contains all of the advice and encouragement I’ve given over the years, in an affordable format. The Course is a small fraction of what it would cost to work with a coach privately or in a group setting.

I put all of my coaching into this format to make it more accessible for anyone who needs extra help ending binge eating. You’ll get over 100 audios –a total of 17 hours of audio guidance– plus the worksheets, tips and advice messages, and goals.

What course members have to say:

“This course changed my life. I am so grateful to have found Kathryn’s podcasts which led me to this course. In the depths of my eating disorder, I had no hope and thought I would never get better. After taking this course, I feel like a new person and know I will continue to live a binge-free life” 

“I came into this course desperate, defeated, and hopeless. Kathryn’s approach has quickly restored my confidence that I can overcome binge eating! I do not have a disease but just a temporary glitch in my brain that can be rewired. Thank you, Kathryn, for restoring my confidence and control over my own body and mind!”

This course is exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve read countless books on the BED-topic (including Brain over Binge) before, without any success. The course is full of deep insights and packed with valuable and practical information. I really appreciate the rational and organized form everything is presented. I’m exceedingly thankful for the course – it has really changed my life!

“This course hit the mark on so many fronts. It was well organized and easy to use. I loved all of the audio recordings, including the informational Q&As. Most importantly, it spoke to me and helped me to solidify my decision to stop bingeing. Every week I learned something new that deepened my resolve to quit bingeing and enhanced my understanding of this terrible habit. Thank you Kathryn! This course was a wonderful addition to your two books.”

The course helped me restore my hope for recovery and allowed me to experience life without binge eating. I didn’t even realize how much more I can do when I don’t binge and when I don’t obsess over food.”

“Kathryn’s program is rational, organized and effective. The information, tasks, and explanations she gives are true, valid and easy to apply. If I can do this, you definitely can do it.”

“This approach was the most useful, realistic approach I have ever tried for binge eating and it is really working well . THANK YOU Kathryn!”

“This course changed my life. I came across the Brain Over Binge podcast when I was desperate to stop binge eating but didn’t know how or where to begin. The podcast resonated with me and I knew the course would help me find my way out. I learned so much about myself and how my binge eating was directly tied to my restrictive dieting. Before understanding this I thought binging meant something was wrong with me. The Brain Over Binge course taught me how to stop giving importance to my urges to binge, and how to have a healthy relationship with food. I’m so much happier and healthier since I stoped binging and I can’t thank Kathryn enough!”

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